Ashir | rich man

| 2011 | 03:16 | sand animation

sand animation: Olga Goltser

music: Los Caparos

editing: Lev Goltser

lyrics: Dan Toren


Big Animation festival, Moscow | 2013 

a sand animated song of Los Caparos band is dealing with the term of richness from the material and mental sides / the sand, I'm painting with, it's a basic, free and floating material / a man, in an animation, is coming alone to a blanc world, he can be rich or happy - in hebrew rich and happy are heard the same / so, the first part of the song I made about richness, but it changes soon to a happiness instead... 

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| 2014 | 07:00 | experimental movie

animation&editing: Olga Goltser

sound design: Yuri Primenko

An experimental movie made in documentary course in Sapir. The movie filmed in Munchen with german students.

Never it was...

| 2005 | 07:16 | russian | mix technic

directors: Max Epshtein, Olga Goltser 
photo&edit: Lev Goltser
animation: Max Epshtein, David Khananashvili, Roma Butman & students of Animation Unit, Sapir Academic College.


Cinema South Festival, Israel | 2005 

Documentary Film Festival Confluence, Paris | 2005 

Animation Festival MIFF, Melburn Australia | 2005 

Mifal Hapayis stipend | 2005 

This documentary animation  film (based on real experience)  is the point of view of 4 years old girl. The girl is trying to understand what is going to happen to her world, when her little brother will born.


| 2004 | 04:22 | clay & sand

The main leaders of this project: 
Olga Goltser, Lev Goltser, David Chananashvili, Roma Butman and students of Animation Unit in Sapir Academic College


Anima Festival, Cordova Spain | 2005

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel | 2004

Asif Animation Festival, Israel | 2004

Cinema South Festival | opening screening | 2004

This Animation film is touching the main question of human life -- what will happen to me if I'll be brave enough to leave my secure space and try to "fly"?...This film was made during Animation Maraton by students and teachers like an experimental project of workshop.

Invitation to a beheading

| 1999 | 05:34 | english | model animation

a film by Olga Goltser

editing: Lev Goltser

sound: Alex Zaborovsky


Anima Animation Festival, Belgium | 2000 ​

Films de Femme documentary film festival, Paris | 2000 

based on Vladimir Nabokov's "Invitation to a beheading" - this animation expresses the impact on me made by this powerful novel 

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